Booking the Hall Facilities

Step 1 :Check the time and date you want to book the various facilities is free on the events calendar. For booking the Main Hall, allow an hour before your event to set up and an hour afterwards to clean everything away

Step 2 :To book any of the facilities mentioned (except outdoor bowling) contact the booking secretary Mr Sam England, Chapel House, North End, Goxhill, DN19 7JN. Telephone number.01469 531097, or email at, to confirm the required time is still available. You can print off the booking form from this link or the one on the Booking Form page. Fill it in and take it with you. Also print off the Hall Layout  and Safety Instructions and read carefully before picking up the keys.

Step 3 : For tennis court, meeting room and snooker room, check with Booking Calendar to make sure it is still free, then speak to the booking secretary, confirm booking, pay the fees required and arrange to pick up the keys at the appropriate time before use.

To book the Hall, kitchen and/or stage confirm booking time with Booking Secretary, then read the Booking Conditions of Hire and fill out the BOOKING FORM on page 2. Hand the booking information to the Booking Secretary with the hire fee PLUS the £25 Bond/Deposit. Bookings are not considered firm until all the fees and deposit have been paid. Arrange to collect keys before use.

Step 4 : Enjoy the facilities at your leisure but when finished, please return your area to its as-found condition for the next group to enjoy.   

Step 5: Return the keys to the Booking Secretary as soon as possible. Thank You

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